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At 2K Cosmetic Industry we have more than 6 years being a reference in manufacturing and exporting cosmetics to Europe, Middle East, South, North and Central America, North America and Asia, we develop exclusive formulas and products totally designed and adjusted according to the need of your target audience.

Our factory is located in the Greater Florianópolis and has a Brazilian DNA, that is, creativity, quality, efficiency and punctuality as primordial assets for the execution of our work.


To create and develop cosmetic product lines through continuous research, quality processes and a very competitive cost structure, to assist and enhance the professional development of our customers. With our commitment and experience, our main goal is to be the most reliable business partner. Exceeding our customers’ expectations by setting the highest quality standard in production, processes, delivery times, as well as the development, finishing and full promotion of the brands we manufacture.


To position 2K Cosmetics as the most reliable business partner for customers and brands in the cosmetics industry, becoming a world leader in the manufacture of quality products, establishing the 2K standard as a guarantee of professionalism and excellence.


CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE in all our performance. QUALITY in everything we do. • PROXIMITY with our customers.  RESEARCH AND INNOVATION • EXPERIENCE AND PROACTIVITY • COMMITMENT to the client, the professional, and the end consumer. • TEAMWORK • RESPONSIBILITY • FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY • always DOING the right thing.

create your bio cosmetics brand

All the development of your product, we use innovative concept and technology, to guarantee quality, safety and effectiveness, meeting all the norms of Good Manufacturing Practices described in ISO 22716 and in Resolution RDC nº 48, of October 25, 2013, of the Ministry of Health – ANVISA, in the processes, quality controls and traceability from beginning to end of production.

The differential of 2K Industria Cosmética is the Marketing and Advertising service, here you can develop your project with the best world trends for your cosmetic. This working method came from the market’s need to seek to facilitate the production of cosmetics by the investor, so 2K is a business partner, which delivers the finished product and with all the marketing material necessary for the best result in its sales. .

cosmetic lines we can produce for you

The products we produce have innovative technology and high quality organic ingredients. Check out our lines.

top selling products

These are the main products to create your brand, but we can also develop any product that can enrich your cosmetics range.


Removes all impurities from the hair, promoting a deep cleaning.

Organic Protein


Hair Restoration, a natural smooth, high performance softness and shine in your hair.


Hair Restoration, a natural smooth, high performance softness and shine in your hair.


Intense repair, regenerating and nourishing damaged and chemically treated hair.


Leaving the hair with a natural smoothness, softness, healthy and with a complete finish.


Hair Sunscreen is an indispensable item to keep your hair and scalp protected against the harmful …


Provides a controlled cleaning with reconstruction, nutrition, softness and shine.

Condicionador Hidratante


It provides hydration, shine and leaving them with natural movement and without frizz.


It provides restoration, vitality, strengthening and protection of the hair.


Discover the STEP BY STEP of creating your OWN BRAND.


Your own brand starts with defining which products and how many units you want. Ask our consultants for the standard minimum order quantity for Private Label.

The second step is to choose the characteristics of your line(s), such as organic and technological assets, smell, color, texture, volume, packaging, and everything else. After having everything defined, we synthesize this information in a contract so that you have complete security and peace of mind.


From there, our designers start creating your material. If you don’t already have a brand or a line name, we’ll help you create them.

Then we will layout the label(s), always sending you our ideas so that you can validate them during the process. When you’re finally satisfied, we’ll send you an official approval document for you to sign.

Once you return the signed approval document, we will send your label(s) for printing.


Producao e envio

When we receive your label(s) from the printer, we will start the production, packaging and labeling of your product(s). Once manufacturing is complete, we pack your product(s) and ship everything via carrier, creating and sending you a tracking code to accompany the shipment in real time. For almost everywhere in the world, our delivery time is 7-20 business days.


Once your brand is created, produced and sent, our marketing team will start producing all the communication material necessary for you to start your sales.

This includes uploading your brand files, your catalog, 3D renderings, five social media ads and whatever else you need to get your brand off the ground.

Still uncertain to take the initial step of building your dream? Don’t despair, talk to one of our consultants to have access to a sample kit, with its exclusive formula. That way you can try and prove our quality to have maximum confidence before starting your own brand.


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2K Cosmetics

Our company is located in Greater Florianópolis and has a Brazilian DNA, that is, creativity, efficiency and punctuality are important assets for the execution of our work.

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